In The Stillness

“Momma! Come find rocks with me” my five year old cried out in excitement as he dashed across the yard bucket in hand. For the next 20 minutes we sat looking at rocks and discussing what we liked about each one, “this one is smooth”, “this one is black”. The moment was nothing earth shattering, and most wouldn’t even label it all that special but it’s in these simple everyday moments where I find abundance. Just my two boys and I getting dirt under our fingers as we hunt for rocks and marvel at the Lord’s creation.

I wonder… what moments are you finding to be abundant in your own life? If you are waiting for the big or impressive moments, can I encourage you to shift your focus? Sure, Christmases and new babies are fun and special parts of life but I wager the most abundant moments are in those still quiet moments that we may take for granted; the moments that require us to get a little dirt under our fingernails. This reminds me of the Bible story – found in 1 Kings 19 – where the Lord speaks to Elijah as he was fleeing Jezebel. God told Elijah to go out onto the mountain; that he would talk to him there. Obediently Elijah went out onto the mountain and waited for God to speak. A storm passed, but God was not found in the storm. Next earthquake, and then fire; but God was again in neither of these. Finally Elijah heard God’s still small voice speaking to him. If Elijah would have concluded that God would not be in the still smallness he would have missed the blessing of communicating with God. The blessing of being built up and encouraged. The blessing of abundance

What blessings might we be missing when we only look for them upon the mountain top? We have got to get it in our hearts that this moment, right here and now is a treasure. Not because everything is perfect, not because there has never been a better moment, but because it is in the ‘mundane’ everyday moments that our lives are made. A friend of mine Suzanne shares on social media under the name “the glorious mundane” with the intention of teaching women to find the glory in the every day; the joy in the simplicity.

So friend, what can the moments that make up your everyday teach you today? How can you find joy in simplicity and praise God in the daily happenings of your life?

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