Where Sparrows Sing Show Notes 001 –

Solo Podcast Episode 001 Where Sparrows Sing

In this episode we are chatting all about the cull of ministry on all of our lives as well as Where Sparrows Sing and my vision for the ministry, including goals within the next year (or so).

What we chat about in today’s episode:

– Shifts in my own personal ministry and what the Lord has brought out of that

– God uses us as vessels to reach a lost and hurting world as long as we are willing

There is a journey and adventure to God using us, and in turn we are blessed and humbled

– We do our work unto the glory of the Lord and He multiplies our loafs and fishes

– What’s behind the name Where Sparrows Sing

Matthew 6:25-34 and how that plays into the word Sparrows
– The story of how the Lord used one of my 2022 words (sing) this year

– Sometimes we have to close chapters we are not ready to close
– The Sovereignty of God

– Elizabeth Elliot’s book Suffering is Never for Nothing (the way the Lord used it in my life)

– The goodness of God through trial (and always)
– Our story of Shalom

– Deuteronomy 6:3-9

– God is the God of Heaven’s armies, a God we can trust to take complete Lordship of our lives

– The call to live our lives as if the above is true (because it is!) A call to no longer go through the motions, checking off boxes!

– We need to stop disqualifying ourselves from being used.

– Love of God and love of others – living this way would transform our Christianity and catch a lost and hurting world’s attention.

– Ministering online and in person: both are super important

– Encouragement to get involved in your church body, serving.

– We do not have to be doing our favorite things to serve

– Goals for Where Sparrows Sing/ things to look forward to

Resources mentioned: Friendship Matters Book

Quotes from our Chat:
“No matter what you do, do it unto the Glory of the Lord, He will take our loafs and fishes and multiply it every single time.”

“My heart is to see families returning to…not the American church…not all these feel good sayings and ways of doing things we have going on in our culture right now; but truly to the heart of Christ.”

“We can stand in the fire and sing because Jesus Christ is right there with us.”

“Even in our seasons of ‘what the heck God, what are you doing, this hurts, I don’t want to do this, I don’t like this’ those really excruciatingly hard seasons….we can rejoice in the God of heaven’s armies!”

“While it may not seem like it right now, there is going to come a day that you are going to be singing again.”

“We’re missing it, if we are just going through the motions checking boxes. For our relationship with the Lord. The Lord loves us so much He wants us to be in relationship with Him.”

“Not a single one of us are going to arrive (“have it all together”) until we reach glorification. We are all, no matter what it looks like, how it appears, what sin struggles we have, we are all in midst of sanctification if we are still living on this earth. So what do you say we stop disqualifying ourselves and others and start pouring into each other, and being life giving and helping one another, and building iron sharpens iron friendship and loving people are hard and blessing them. And above all else, loving Jesus Christ. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.”

“The Lord has planted you right where you are for a reason, and He wants you to bless and minister to people in your everyday life.”

“Even if it’s not your very favorite thing, may I encourage you to use the gifts the Lord has given you to pour back out at His feet? When we get out of our own ways, when we change our mindsets from having to do our favorite thing all the time, when we say here I am God use me…He is going to use you and not only is He going to bless others through you, it then is going to turn around and bless you too.”

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