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Podcast Episode 002 Where Sparrows Sing

Brittany Pennel was born and raised in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She is a wife as well as a mama to five kids residing in the countryside of Oskaloosa, KS.

Brittany considers her faith and family to be the most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around their farm. The Adventures of Tink: Lost & Found is Brittany’s first children’s book.

She has a heart for writing, love for family, farm life and the joy of uplifting and encouraging others.

Brittany and her family have been farming in Oskaloosa, KS for 9 years and spend every moment that they can outdoors; gardening, caring for animals, camping, reading at bedtime together and going on nature walks.

Her heart for kindling togetherness in families is evident in the life that she leads.

Topic: Intentionality in blended families

What we chat about in today’s episode:

– How Brittany defines family versus what our culture may see it as

– Why her family does not use the word/concept of “step” and what they choose to do instead

– Cultural views on family and why it’s important to widen our definition of the concept

– Being intentional about answering questions people have (especially when answering in front of the children)

– The importance of intentionally pouring into your children and how that may look in a blended family

– Ideas for how you can be consistent in reminding your children you still love them and desire to build relationship with them when becoming a blended family

– God’s hand in orchestrating Brittany’s family (and in general all of our families)

– Encouragement for anyone who may be starting down the road of having a blended family

– Some of Brittany’s experience in the early days of her own blended family

– Boundaries and lines of respect being important

– God is our strength in the midst of all of our families – We can trust in God

– Handling challenges with prayer and patience

– Being willing to please the Lord …allowing ourselves to get out of the way (so to speak) in order to follow His lead

– Jesus being a part of a blended family

– The importance of looking into the Word and asking God how we ought to live (also how this will grow our faith)

– How being in a blended family has grown Brittany in the Lord

– The difference in your walk with the Lord when you are merely going through the motions versus being intentional about growing and seeking Him

Resources mentioned:

Quotes from our Chat:

“God ordained families the way He did for a very specific purpose beyond what our culture represents as family.”

“There is really no reason to say “oh this is step mom” or “oh this is step dad” because we all take care of each other the same way as any family would.”

“If people are asking these questions and we are answering them (especially in front of the children), we have to be so intentional to make sure that our words are matching the value and love of our children. Even if they are not born from me or from you, God ordains families and we need to place more value on that.”

“When it comes down to it, the Lord really will work it out, if He has ordained it.”

“After all we have faced in the last 10 years, I can tell you there is a lot of joy in it if you choose to step into it with grace and patience giving God the lead from the very beginning.”

“When you are able to think about the ways He has brought you through before that does kind of make every step ahead of this, even the unknown for ourselves or the dynamic of our family, if you are able to intentionally look back and realize its been x amount of time and see how far you have come… you are given faith and the desire to keep moving forward, realizing that God has already done so much and that He is not going to change. He is going to keep working on your behalf.”

“I have to step back and remember that the decisions aren’t fully mine, they do have their father and their biological mother (or vice versa) there are other people’s feelings and parenting styles to consider. I have to tune my brain to praying and patience.”

“When we are just checking boxes and going through the motions, nothing changes. It takes leaning on God when you are walking through the hard things, to produce the fruit and for the change to happen and to grow closer..”

Where you can find Brittany online:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brittanypennel/

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