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Podcast Episode 004 Where Sparrows Sing

Rebekah has been married to her husband Owen for nearly 9 years and is the (homeschooling) momma to their two kiddos. She has a heart for women to be encouraged with the good news of the Gospel and in that regard writes and speaks in her ministry ‘Hargraves Home and Hearth.’

Topic: Intentionality and the Holidays

What we chat about in today’s episode:

Why creating “Pinterest perfect” Christmas’ is not where our focus ought to be and encouragement for the momma who maybe feels overwhelmed in trying to make everything just so.

– How the message of the Gospel applies to this idea of being Pinterest Perfect

– God doesn’t place expectations on us in this season

– Ways to focus on Jesus throughout the season
– Advent and other various activities that promote more of a Jesus focus

– Rebekah inspires our listeners in as far as tradition goes by sharing some of her own family traditions as well as sharing on the importance she feels tradition holds

– Ways to prioritize, not your schedule, but your family through this Christmas season

– What to do when you are in the midst of a hard season and looking at Christmas not knowing how you will pull it off

– Tweak things if possible

– The importance of walking by the Spirit in our Christmas season

Resources mentioned:
This was not mentioned within the course of our conversation but Rebekah does have a study book on advent that can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Good-News-Womans-Heart-Devotional/dp/1732081824/ref=sr_1_1?crid=10X0OXKY9MTNJ&keywords=Rebekah+Hargraves+Advent&qid=1669616961&sprefix=rebekah+hargraves+advent%2Caps%2C199&sr=8-1

Quotes from our Chat:

“This season of the year is meant to be a beautiful, reflective, peaceful time… The truth of the Gospel is relevant to this idea as well. We have this idea that we have to be Pinterest perfect, Remove the word Pinterest and just focus in on that word…perfect. We are telling ourselves that we have to be perfect or that what we do has to be perfect, that the Christmas that we pull off has to be perfect. If we know the Gospel we know that first of all we’re not. Second of all we never will be. Third of all that is actually okay because Christ is.”

“There are no expectations the Lord has placed on us this season.”

“Don’t despair (if you have not yet made certain Christmas traditions) it is never too late. We are a people who are draw to tradition and adding them into your family even if your children are no longer young, chances are they will pick up on them and love that you have added special moments to your family culture.”

“Tradition binds your family together and make you closer. That is not to say you have to have a million and one of them or if you have not had traditions in the past that you have messed up. Think about what traditions your family could have, they are powerful. They do bind you together.”

“If you are in a different season of life, it is okay to tweak your traditions. It doesn’t have to look the exact same way each and every year. … Do things in a way that meet you where you are, cut yourself some slack and continue to do the traditions if you can. You can keep your traditions going in ways that serve your family and yourself well regardless of your season.”

“The Lord fills in the gaps. He is willing and wanting to show up for you, He is wanting to see Him in ways you have never seen Him before…if all you can do is keep breathing and keep putting one foot in front of the other, pray and ask God to show you Himself. Ask Him to show up, ask Him to fill in the gaps, ask Him to bring so much good out of this season in ways that only He can. Ask Him to have it impact your family and be a faith building season, that no other kind of season could be. And be prepared because that’s exactly what He is going to do.”

“We aren’t enough, but Jesus is and we are celebrating Him coming down to earth to be enough for us (in our place), to save us. That is the purpose and the crux of Christmas.”

“God will show you what is most important, He will show you what to lay down. … He is going to be the key in all of this. Walk by the Spirit, at His face, follow His direction and you are going to have an amazing Christmas season.”

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Website https://www.hargraveshomeandhearth.com/

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