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Lahni is a small town Kentucky girl, sharing life with her husband Clay and two children. Most of the time you’ll find her at home being “mom” to Wilder and Avynlee, but you might also spot her at her local coffee shop where she enjoys being a barista a couple of days a week, serving the people of her community with a warm smile and tasty drink! She is passionate about theology, knowing God’s Word, and has enjoyed learning what it means to live a sacramental life, seeking out the places where God’s hand is reaching down and reconciling all things to Himself.

What we chat about in today’s episode:

– What sacramental living means, and how we as Christians can carry it out

– Facing the season of darkness, the season of waiting

– The call to slow down this season to focus on the true meaning of the season

– How we can include even our children into the advent season

– The perpetual season of advent we live in as Christians

Resources mentioned:

Books –

Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ by Flemming Rutledge

This Beautiful Truth by Sarah Clarkson

Studies –

She Reads Truth Advent Studies

Quotes from our Chat:

In the Christian church, a sacrament is a ritual seen to impart Divine grace in the life of a believer….sacramental living then is a call to see the moments all around us in our everyday lives as moments where God’s grace is imparted into our lives …they are gifts given to us.”

“Advent just means coming. Within Christianity we of course celebrate the first coming of Jesus as a baby…but it doesn’t end there, He is coming again.”

“Historically what Advent has been  in both the catholic and protestant church..its more of a time about  facing the darkness. Without God in the world.  Advent for the church is a time of almost mimicking what the first Christians did, as they waited in the darkness for the birth of Jesus. Advent is a season about facing the darkness in our world.”

“Advent doesn’t end in the manger…because if advent ends in the manger…than we are all without hope still.”

“God is with us and yet He is absent in a sense, it’s this paradox we live in the tension of as Christians. God with us Emmanuel, and yet God is not yet fully here…the liberation of sin and bondage that will happen in the new age to come has not happened, and so we live in that tension.”

“The goal of advent (or really practicing any part of the church calendar) is to lean into what Christ is teaching you, what the Holy Spirit is teaching you, through the life of Christ.”

“Facing the darkness and getting uncomfortable, asking ourselves what is my purpose in this darkeness, what is the purpose of the darkness, how long will the darkness last, really leaning into this season of waiting in whatever way you need this season to be but not being afraid to sit in those uncomfortable spaces.”

“Though it is dark, we do catch glimpses, and we can catch glimpses of that grace everyday if we are intentional to grow in that journey and be more aware of His presence, while also grappling with the moments where He does seem far off. It’s that tension we hold, but the goal of sacramental living is to grow in our perception of God in the world as we wait for the second coming of Christ.”

“We have to claim our little piece of ground, if it is little, if it is big claim that too, but that’s what we do in this perpetual season of advent that we are in as Christians, waiting the second coming of Christ. We wait while claiming where God has us and what He has called us to do in the darkness and where we show up as God in the world.”

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