Where Sparrows Sing Show Notes 006 –

Topic: Christmas with the Durgans

In this episode I bring to you my family as we converse together about Christmas

What we chat about in today’s episode:

Lance and I begin the episode by answering the questions:

– What was your favorite tradition growing up?
– What is your favorite tradition now with our family?
– What advice Lance would have to give to dads this season.
– Who we relate to most in the Christmas story this year
– Our favorite Christmas memory as the four of us

Matthew then joins in to read the Christmas story and answer his favorite part about Christmas and what gift He would give baby Jesus

Zach finishes us out by sharing a Christmas poem he is learning for school and answers the same questions as Matthew.

Resources mentioned: Recipe for the asparagus: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a52405/cheesy-baked-asparagus-recipe/

Quotes from our Chat:

“I try to keep this holiday pretty simple, as far as we are not doing huge elaborate things but also fun and to retain the ‘magic’ with the boys at their age.”

“Focus less on the presents (gifts) and focus more on the presence, being present for the memories with the families and the kids.”

“For the daddies out there listening, help your wife. This is a season your wife puts a lot of pressure on herself, and its helpful when we have our men coming up behind us and looking for areas we need help in.”

“I relate to the shepherds. They were simple men who had to be in complete and utter awe of this amazing thing that had happened. It still, as we go through this season, the fact that Christ came and died for our sins ..none of us deserve His grace, its an amazing, amazing thing.”

“Watching your very best friend and soul mate grow in the Lord is a precious and beautiful thing.”

“Matthew, if you could give a gift to baby Jesus, what would you give Him? ‘Gold…because He had it on His birthday.’”

“No little Christmas trees standing all alone, their hearts were very happy because they all found a home.”

“Zachariah, if you were to give Jesus a gift for His birthday what would it be? ‘A snowman cookie’!”

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