Where Sparrows Sing Show Notes ep 007 –

Intentional Motherhood (getting to know and love our children for who they are)

What we chat about in today’s episode:

This episode started with a rundown of the heart and mission behind Where Sparrows Sing, covering what the podcast will look like in 2023 and then went into our topic.

Finding abundance in our everyday moments

I touch on the book Different by Sally and Nathan Clarkson and a little bit of the wisdom they share

The encouragement to parent based on who are children are rather than following obscure parenting theories or how our friend parents her children

Our children all being unique, even when they are raised within the same home, the same family..

Psalm 139:13-16

Intentional parenting

Encouragement to let go of the cookie cutter method of parenting and embrace the calling God has on our lives to know and love our children well.

Slowing down to be intentional

Resources mentioned: Different by Sally and Nathan Clarkson

Quotes from our Chat:

“God made every person to have a tiny part of His much bigger mega story.”

“Lets be mommas who step away from parenting theories and cookie cutter modles of parenting and instead truly embrace who are children are. Making it our mission to get to know our children…how they click, how the Lord has wired them.”

“Our children are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

“Intentional parenting is for all of us who have been called by God, who have been given the call of mothering.”

“You will never reach the heart of your child unless you believe who they are matters.”

“Your children are some of the greatest gifts the Lord will ever give you.”

“We are on a life time pursuit of getting to know and love our children.”

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